APEXSEA  is a licensed CUSTOM HOUSE AGENT. With the network of reputed agents all over the world, APEXSEA offers following services:

  • Follow up of Purchase Orders with the suppliers and to provide feedback to the consignee in India on a regular basis.
  • Pickup of Consignments from the suppliers' location.
  • Completion of custom formalities at the port of origin.
  • Forwarding the consignments by air/sea freight as required by the consignee.
  • Pre-Advise to consignee with copies of shipping documents.
  • Collection of freight.

The buying habit of the customer changes very fast and due to market trends, the customer importing his merchandise from a country today will buy them from another country tomorrow. The question arises as to the most effective way of importing the merchandise and APEXSEA knows that our foreign agent must be reliable, flexible and solvent. Keeping this in mind APEXSEA chooses its overseas partners.


We always remember the importance of your commitments, your customers and your image. Your success is ours.